Bingers, we finally have a safe space to get lost in the wonderful world of television. Love Netflix? Hulu? Let’s watch it together. Join WALB’s Digital Content Producer, Kim McCullough for a binge-worthy discussion. Every month, we will review and discuss popular original series from different streaming platforms.

The stress of the world has restricted many people to their couches. Why not have some fun in the meantime and rate our favorite shows?

Season four of Cobra Kai is now streaming. (Source: Netflix)


With our first binge of the year, we enter the world of karate with Netflix’s “Cobra Kai”. Heavily based on the Karate Kid film series, the popular show just dropped its fourth season and fans are already loving it!

Let’s discuss it!

Disney’s Encanto is a film the whole family can enjoy. (Source: Disney Amination Studios)


Introducing Binge It!’s first Movie Spotlight!, Disney’s “Encanto” is a heartwarming film for the whole family. The animated film shows us the importance of family and finding your special gift.

Let’s discuss it!

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